Romania Has Rocker Blood

Romania Has Rocker Blood

Implementing a communication campaign to support blood donation – “România are sânge de rocker” – partnered with the Bucharest Centre for Blood Transfusions, and Donorium, a campaign which generates brand awareness around the morning show running on ROCK FM – Morning Glory with Răzvan Exarhu – and to position this show as one of the greatest supporters of this social cause, capitalizing on the strongest symbol of the brand: rock music.

The “România are sânge de rocker” campaign has supported and continues to support blood donation in Romania, increasing the number of donors by 20% in a month, through the power of music.

The campaign was implemented together with Most Wanted Advertising.


  • Gold Sabre,
    • Best Influencer Marketing Campaign;
  • Romanian PR Awards,
    • Gold Best Budget -,
    • Creativity +.

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