We believe in communication that understands and transforms the cultural context of brands by integrating their voices and values with those of relevant communities.

By unlocking the impact that brands can have on communities and their cultures, we believe we contribute to the overall progress of our society.

We are Cultural Shifters

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Finance & Banking

Your work, your money

Where it all started 2022 started with bad news for pension owner in Romania. The almost 8 million Romanians who contribute to the private pension



For over 37% of companies, the founder is the only one that has a say regarding the vision. (Papulova, 2014).  CEZ Group, one of the main electricity suppliers

Travel & Culture

Kulas Brought To Light

Program that raised awareness on the historic role that kulas have for the cultural and social development of communities

Finance & Banking

Money Bistro

First video series on financial education which translates dull economic concepts into easy-to-digest information.



National public information campaign which aims to inspire and motivate consumers to adopt energy-efficient behavior

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