In a country where Romanians are struggling with a high degree of energy poverty, a record of energy imports and implicitly an alarming increase of the energy prices, the concept of “energy efficiency” is still not on people’s agenda. 

Communicated in the form of a parallel between the professional performance of some Romanian public figures who excel in their areas of activity and that in the field of energy, Energiada, the energy efficiency Olympiad, is a national public information campaign initiated by CEZ Vanzare, which aims to inspire and motivate consumers to adopt energy-efficient behavior.

The campaign started with the presentation of five inspirational stories of people working in fields that require high energy consumption: gastronomy, technology, event organization, sports performance, and audio-video production.

By analogy with different passions, an area full of rules, such as energy efficiency received a playful component and was communicated with a strong urge to bring energy efficiency to the level of performance.

The 5 videos of the campaign garnered hundreds of thousands of views on social media channels, and the Energy Efficiency Manual (e-book) was downloaded by over 2000 people. Also, due to the positive feedback received from employees, customers, but also from the social media audience, CEZ decided to continue Energiada in 2022.

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