Money Bistro

Money Bistro

Romanians love, dream about, spend a lot and socialize around food. But they never digest financial lessons. Together with Raiffeisen Bank, we set out to transform financial education into a `tasty` topic. Thus, in 2018, we opened Money Bistro, the first online financial program which associated dull economic concepts with gastronomy within the first video series about financial education. For the 2nd season of Money Bistro, our creative approach was to bring financial concepts and lessons in the most intimate space where we feel free to talk about them: at the family kitchen table. The new online series were developed as the first financial experiment for a middle-income family.

Due to the pandemic, Romanians got eager to improve their financial lives by using new digital formats – podcasts and short fun videos. To reach new audiences, we created native content for audio streaming platforms and TikTok. Based on the insights we had, for the first season of Money Chat podcast, we selected up to ten various profiles, according to Romanians’ interests and life-path.

Money Bistro program also means the first Financial Health Index, with a special one dedicated to Gen Zs; a yearly influencer campaign which challenged Romanians to go on a 30-days #moneydetox; a permanent course in the Raiffeisen Banking University for the internal audience; a dedicated video-driven online course for the corporate clients.


  • Digital Communication Awards 2019,
    • Winner in the Finance Category;
  • Romanian PR Award in Communication in financial sector category,
    • Golden Award for Excellence 2019-2021;
  • In2Sabre Awards for “Best video use of networks”, Webstock-2020,
    • Winner in the Best Online Video Shows;
  • Eventiada IPRA GWA – 2021,
    • Best Society Engagement campaign;
  • Webstock-2021,
    • 3rd place Best Brand Podcast;
  • Digital Communication Awards 2021,
    • Silver in the Content Marketing Category.

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