Romania faces a slow-paced rhythm of urban development, high rates of air pollution, and limited access to healthcare and education services in urban areas. This was the worrying context that challenged IULIUS company, the leader in mixed used and urban regeneration projects in Romania, to implement an initiative that raises awareness on the importance of urban renewal projects and put this topic on the public agenda.

With the help of a team of top experts with various expertise in urban regeneration field the campaign told a 360 degrees story called #RebornCities about urban renewal as an enabler for mobility, fresher air, cultural and entertainment avenues for people. Through the first documentary on urban sustainability about the positive impact of urban regeneration, we told a story about how the concept of urban regeneration can be used to nurture inclusion, the sense of belonging and sustainability in contemporary cities. To further increase the impact of these stories, a partnership with – one of the best-known online generalist publication – was planned.


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